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All Bots must set +B during Connection

Effective Monday, November 12, 2007:
All Bots connecting to any IRC4Fun server must set usermode +B (Bot) when connecting. This usermode will identify the Bot as a Bot to users and network staff via the /WHOIS command. It will also display the BOT MOTD (MESSAGE OF THE DAY) which contains rules for bots on IRC4Fun. Please ensure that your bots are set to use usermode +B when connecting by Monday, November 12, 2007. (Beginning Monday; any bots found to not be using the required +B usermode will be warned (and given 1 day to correct the issue). Failure to comply with the warning within 1 Day may result in the bot(s) being temporarily removed from the network.)
Need help getting your eggdrop to set +B when connecting? /join #Help for assistance!
Remember: You can always find the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) at:

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