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Services Changes

NOTE: This post is very old and predates various Services and IRC daemon changes, thus all information is kept for statistical purposes and should NOT be looked to now as a guide or form of reference!
Services have undergone a few changes and upgrades. Let’s start with the change-log information:
1) Services Bots Re-named to the original IRC4Fun nicknames – ChanServ is now known as C, NickServ is now known as N, MemoServ is now known as M, and BotServ is now known as B.
*Notice: With this change, to avoid any confusion with Services and normal Users, any nicknames 1-character in length were juped. (They cannot be used, as they are reserved for services.)
2) Services / CService Bot Hosts Changed All Services Bots (C, N, M, B) will now have the following HOST: *Services@IRC4Fun.Services — CService Bots will now have the following HOST: *cservice@IRC4Fun.channels
3) Users vHosts vHosts for Registered IRC4Fun users have changed to the following: *user@IRC4Fun.Users.Nickname — If your vHost was not converted to the new format; please /join #Help for assistance.
4) Registrations are now completed via a Code given from N after issuing the REGISTER command. (Emails would often end up in Junk Folders/Spam Catchers instead of our intended users, this will fix the issue.
5) Few bug fixes (mostly un-noticeable to most users)

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