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K9, Q and Z have retired from IRC4Fun

We wanted to announce that 3 of our CService bots have retired. K9, Q and Z have retired from IRC4Fun and will (for now) remain juped. (All channels that were assigned to the 3 service bots have been re-assigned to W and X)
Any IRC4Fun channels registered prior to 4/28/2010 12:00am CST can request to have their current CService assignments changed one-time to their choice of X or W. (Any channels registered after 12:00am CST will be auto-assigned by B to either X or W and those assignments will remain as initially assigned.)
If you have any questions regarding these changes; please /join #Help and ask us.
(We do not plan to release K9, Q or Z’s nicknames in the future, whether the jupe remains online or not. If the jupe is taken offline; the nicknames will remain forbidden.)

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