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Services Upgrade – Completed

NOTE: This post is very old and predates various Services and IRC daemon changes, thus all information is kept for statistical purposes and should NOT be looked to now as a guide or form of reference!

We completed a Services Upgrade without any hitches on Friday, July 9th, 2010.  Read more to see more information about the Upgrade.

As a result of this upgrade, a previously useful (but disabled due to compatibility issues) channel-setting is BACK!  AUTOLIMIT was re-introduced with this upgrade.  AUTOLIMIT (a C command) allows Channel Founder’s to set a dynamic channel limit that will update every xx seconds. (This command is useful to prevent flood bots, etc from abusing your channel.)

This Services Upgrade also fixes various bugs (some noticeable, some not) in Services.   If you require any assistance after this upgrade, or have questions; please connect to IRC4Fun and ask in #Help.

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