IRCd Change to IRCu

On Saturday, July 30th, 2010 IRC4Fun Server Administrators (IRC4Fun Administration) voted to change Server IRCd Software.  The vote was to either keep running Unreal3.2* or change to Nefarious IRCu.

Per the vote, the change would require client and hub servers be changed over in a well organized process to prevent inconvenience to our users. The change (upgrades) were completed without any hitches!

Notes about how the Change affects IRC4Fun users:

  • Channel Modes have Changed.
  • User Modes have Changed.
  • WHOIS Information will no longer reveal the Server’s name that a user is using (except to IRC4Fun Staff)
  • /LINKS & /MAP are disabled – visit our Servers list for a listing of active IRC4Fun Servers
  • Users may only /JOIN up to 10 channels maximum (This was never a problem to most of us)
  • vHosts are not automatic to non-Registered users (Registered Users must IDENTIFY to N before their assigned vHosts will be activated) Update: (9/3/2010) All users (registered or not) will be automatically cloaked, though custom vHosts are still the safest.

If you have any questions about the Server Upgrades, please connect to IRC4Fun, /join #Help

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