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Server Upgrades – Completed

It was that time again – we’ve upgraded all IRC4Fun servers to Nefarious 1.3.0, which provides a few new features!
New Features

  • Channel Mode +L – (Syntax: /mode #channel1 +L #channel2) +L allows IRC4Fun channels to send users to another channel [in this example, #channel2] when conditions (such as limit, invite, key, etc) prevent them from joining the original channel.
  • Various noticeable (and non-noticeable) IRCu bugs fixed.
  • IRC4Fun Administration is no longer affected by K-lines or G-lines when the Server Configurations are kept updated.
  • Clients attempting to connect with Open (Insecure) Proxies will (when turned on in the future) be blocked from ever gaining a connection, thus reducing the load on Servers (G:lines) and our Open Proxy monitors. (This will enhance network security and user satisfaction)

If you have any questions about the upgrade or experience any bugs; please /join #Help and let us know.

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