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DNS Ban List Checks

Beginning today at 5pm CST, all IRC4Fun Servers will scan connecting user’s IP addresses against various DNS Blacklists to prevent abuse. Until now, each server had a bot that would scan connecting users for each server against these lists, and if matching; G:lining the user. Now each IRC4Fun Client Server will scan users against these lists before they are allowed to successfully connect.
If you are unable to make a connection to an IRC4Fun Server because of one of these DNS Blacklist matches, you will need to correct the problem with your Open/Misconfigured Proxies, and notify the reporting DNS Blacklist service (if required by that DNSBL Service) to remove your IP from the blacklist before you will be able to connect to IRC4Fun.

As always, if you are experiencing issues; please contact us!

-Operations (Operations @

Update (10/16/2010): Until further testing is completed, each server’s Open Proxy Monitor bot will be checking connecting clients for open proxies and DNS Blacklist matches. — Expect a future update 🙂

-siniStar (siniStar @

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