New server janus.* test-linked to IRC4Fun.  This will be IRC4Fun’s first official link, and will be quite beneficial to IRC4Fun users and to other networks and their guests alike.
You can /join #LinkChat to chat with users from different networks that are participating in this Janus link.  (There is usually always someone awake in there!)
Other networks currently (at the time of this post) participating:

  1. GNGirc
  2. JanusIRC *
  3. WildIRC * (De-linked)
  4. ChatShit.co.uk
  5. UKChat-Central
  6. Undernet *
  7. TrivialityZone.co.uk

* Networks with an asterisk indicate that they are not fully linked (server-wise), but ARE relaying between the networks.
Please /join #Help with any Questions

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