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Articles from November 2010

Server List Updated

We’ve updated the Server-list for IRC4Fun with the addition of two (2) new fully-linked servers, sponsored by tabb and the Sacredland team! With these updates brings 3 new Round Robins for IRC4Fun clients to use, making IRC4Fun an international network! IRC4Fun now has client servers in the following locations: United States

TESTLINK > Sacredland.*

We are thrilled to announce another new server to join the IRC4Fun network! Sacredland.* ( or is administered by tabb (tabb @ and is hosted in Germany.  tabb’s new server marks IRC4Fun’s first EU server!  After the testlink is completed, sacredland.* will be the primary server for the new

Gaga.* temporarily unavailable

Due to some stability issues, Gaga.* has been temporarily JUPEd and will remain un-available to the network until such a time that it becomes stable or is moved. We apologize for the inconvenience! UPDATE (11/14/2010 @2:23am) Gaga.* is back online – we hope it’s stability issues are resolved! 🙂 -IRC4Fun

IRC4Fun is now 3 years old! :)

Well, this announcement is a little late, but IRC4Fun is now officially 3 years old – and still growing! Thank You to all of our loyal users throughout these 3 great, fun years! We look forward to serving your IRC needs for years and years to come! 🙂 -Operations (Operations

+q (Owner) / +a (Protected) are BACK!

We’ve decided to re-activate the 2 Channel Modes that were previously not available when we returned to Unreal IRCd. +a designates a Channel User as a Protected User (thus they cannot be kicked, banned, or deop’d by lower level +o Operators). +q designates a Channel User as a Channel Founder