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Articles from December 2010

You can now request vHosts through the Services Web Interface!

We’re excited to announce that users can now request their customized vHosts through the Services Web Interface! (Subject to vHost Guidelines and Staff approval) We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature! 🙂

Server Downtimes: Geek.* & Sacredland2.*

It would appear that the boxes hosting two of our servers are having issues, and as a result has caused downtime on both of those servers. We will try to get the servers back online as soon as possible – but in the meantime; please connect to either or

Recent Upgrades to Services and Servers

We’ve undergone some IRCd and Services upgrades starting last night and finishing late today. This will result in some small changes to how things work/respond, but for the most part will be un-noticeable to most users. We’ve also upgraded our Services package and revealed our newest IRC4Fun Service: W (ChanFIX)

New Trivia / Quiz Channels

IRC4Fun is pleased to announce two new Trivia / Quiz Channels that are brought to you by tabb and the Sacredland team! #Quizz-EN is open for English speaking users #QuizzFR is open for French speaking users These channels are also participating in a Janus link with TrivialityZone and a few

IRC4Fun hit 70 users!

We wanted to stop and take a moment to thank all of our loyal users!  Yesterday we hit 70+ users, and we couldn’t be more proud! Thank You to all of our users who’ve decided to make IRC4Fun their home!  We hope we will continue to grow to serve you

Urgent Services Upgrade

Due to a serious bug within one of X‘s commands; Services underwent an emergency upgrade a few minutes ago. The bug is fixed and Services are operational as normal.  We thank you for being an IRC4Fun user – and have a nice day! -Services Team (Services @