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Updates and Upgrades!

IRC4Fun Staff has been busy at work to bring you (our users) with even more functionality and fixes in various ways!
New Hub We’ve activated a new Hub and re-routed servers accordingly to provide an even richer, more stable IRC experience for everyone!
Services Web Interface (launch)

  1. As some of you may have noticed, the Services Web Interface was recently broken after some Services Upgrades.  The Services Web Interface is now fixed!
  2. We’ve added a “Current Sessions” listing to the Account Home page – this will help increase security awareness as well as allow users to attempt to fix compromised accounts quickly.
  3. You can now add either Timed or Permanent AKICKs in X via the Services Web Interface
  4. Staff Interface: W (Chanfix) Administration Interface Added

Live IRC4Fun Network Statistics We’ve installed PHPdenora to provide live, fancy IRC4Fun IRC Statistics to our users.  Click Here to view the Live Stats! Channel Founders: Click Here to request S in your channel!
And we’ve got a lot more planned for the near future – so stay tuned!  (and as always, thanks for being an IRC4Fun user!)

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