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Services Updates, Web Interface Updates

We applied an update to our Services earlier which fixed several bugs.

Noticeable Bug Fixes:

  • X > ENTRYMSG Fixed – If you enable an ENTRYMSG for your Channel with X, it will now be properly noticed to users that join your channel, or if you already had one enabled; it will be properly sent to users joining from now on.
  • X > WHY Updated – Updated CHANACS logic

There were also a lot of other updates and bugfixes – some not noticeable to most users, but should ensure better stability in the future and allow us further enhance our Services offerings to our users!
We also updated our Services Web Interface which allows users to register/manage their Nicknames, Channels and Memos on IRC via the World Wide Web. We added more helpful navigation and WebChat/favorite IRC client chat links. We also customized some of the Web Interface functionality to better suit IRC4Fun and it’s users.
As always, if you need assistance; please /join #Help or click here to open a WebChat to #Help.

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