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Articles from February 2012

X (Channel Registration) Expirations Changing

A lot of us have noticed the one-time-use and registered channels with no users that have been abandoned, excluding X. We’ve recently considered how to also protect the resources of our Services while providing the least disruption or discomfort to our users; resulting in some changes coming very soon. Channels

Services Web Interface upgraded!

As some of you may have noticed earlier this morning, we upgraded our Services Web Interface to the latest version of EGs and then applied some fixes to make it more suited to IRC4Fun and it’s users. We hope our users enjoy it and the additional functionality! 🙂

Bia.* has become

Bia.* is now known as, and is also SSL connection compatible on port 6697! 🙂 Also is now SSL connection compatible as well on port 6697. For SSL Users, we’ve created a pool (or RR):

Services are down – they will be back ASAP

IRC4Fun Services are currently down due to hardware failure. We’re working to restore them as soon as possible, but are unable to provide an ETA on their return. (Please note: IRC4Fun Staff cannot op you in your channels without services. Please be patient, but feel free to report issues/problems) Backups

Happy Valentines Day!

  We would like to wish all of our users (even the ones who hate this holiday) a Happy Valentines day! 🙂 In case you missed the network notice which will be re-sent throughout the day: -00:38:05- -A- [Network Notice] siniStar – Happy Valentines Day IRC4Fun Users! (Men: If it has

Protect your Passwords!

There’s been a lot of news lately of “Password Failures” and exploits online, so we would like to take the opportunity to remind you to be vigilant with your passwords.

IRC4Fun Policies Updated

We’ve updated our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Acceptable Operating Policy (AOP) and our Privacy Policy. There are no new terms to the policies, they have just been revised to be easier to read to both our Guests and Staff. The FunJanus Acceptable Use Policy will be revised in the coming

Support Ticket System

We’re now beta testing our Support Ticket System publicly. This should help to bring better organization and faster responses to Support needs. This new system will handle support requests for the following topics: Channel Issues FunJanus G-lines, K-lines, Z-lines Routing Services (W, X, N, M, V, S) Other Support Requests