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Protect your Passwords!

There’s been a lot of news lately of “Password Failures” and exploits online, so we would like to take the opportunity to remind you to be vigilant with your passwords.

IRC4Fun takes our users’ security very seriously. All passwords relating to access are encrypted for additional security.
But here are some recommendations from our staff to protect your IRC4Fun (and other) passwords:

  1. NEVER share your password with anyone! (IRC4Fun Staff will NEVER ask you for your passwords.)
  2. NEVER identify or login to things in any window other than the Status Window.  (If you forget the / you may post your password or login information into a public channel or private message to an unintended recipient)
  3. Choose a STRONG and UNIQUE password. (See this wiki article for more information)
  4. Change your password every 3 months, and IMMEDIATELY if it becomes compromised or accidentally seen.
  5. Read the following article about The Myths of Password security.

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