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X (Channel Registration) Expirations Changing

A lot of us have noticed the one-time-use and registered channels with no users that have been abandoned, excluding X. We’ve recently considered how to also protect the resources of our Services while providing the least disruption or discomfort to our users; resulting in some changes coming very soon.
Channels will now expire after 21 days of no activity or use, as opposed to the 90 days that it takes for nicknames to expire. This move will allow us to preserve X’s resources for channels that are actually being used enough to warrant registration. Channels that expire will switch to W (Chanfix) after the channel clears upon X’s dropping the channel.
* NOTE: Channels dropped by X due to no activity cannot be recovered by the Services Committee. The channels can be re-registered unless they have already been re-registered. (Staff will NOT intervene if another user has registered it while it was inactive, as this is considered a legal transfer)
Nicknames will continue to expire after no use for 90 days. Since Nicknames bear very little on our resources, there is no current need to drop them any sooner, and we hope that users that aren’t frequent users will have no trouble with their account in the future.
For more information, or help; /join #Help on IRC4Fun or via the Chat Interface.

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