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Services Update

IRC4Fun Services were updated today, bringing some bug fixes, a new X Feature and more!  This update will resolve some bugs with X’s QUIET and UNQUIET commands, and more.  It will also fix some bugs in W and includes a change in N’s IDENTIFY responses.
Upon successful identification to N, users will now see: -N- AUTHENTICATION SUCCESSFUL as Nickname! or -N- AUTHENTICATION as Nickname FAILED!
X also has a new feature which should excite channel operators and founders: ANTIFLOOD  – AntiFlood (when set) will allow X to watch channel text for floods, and when a user is found to be flooding; X will KICKBAN the user.  In channels where flooding is a constant or more severe problem, X will G-line offending users.  (Channels experiencing more constant or severe flooding should ask in #Help for X’s ANTIFLOOD response to be changed for these channels.)
More updates to Services are planned in the near future; including some updates to the Services Web Interface.  Stay tuned!
As always, please report any bugs or inconsistencies from this update to #Help or submit a support ticket.

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