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Articles from November 2013

Planned Upgrade to InspIRCd 2*

This notice is to inform users that we are in the process of upgrading our IRC Servers to InspIRCd 2.* from InspIRCd 1.2*.  The upgrade may cause some undesirable effects during the upgrade process until all IRC4Fun Servers are upgraded, however the end result will benefit IRC4Fun network Security as

News & Updates!

   First, IRC4Fun will discontinue the IRC4Fun Janus within the coming week. Currently, the only linked network is TrivialityZone. We will likely link to TrivialityZone‘s Janus as the transition begins.     Janus Update (11/15/2013): We’ve disabled IRC4Fun’s FunJanus and completed the link to TrivialityZone’s Janus.  Everything went smoothly, thanks to