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News & Updates!

   First, IRC4Fun will discontinue the IRC4Fun Janus within the coming week. Currently, the only linked network is TrivialityZone. We will likely link to TrivialityZone‘s Janus as the transition begins.
  Janus Update (11/15/2013): We’ve disabled IRC4Fun’s FunJanus and completed the link to TrivialityZone’s Janus.  Everything went smoothly, thanks to Medusa’s help!  Please let us know if any channel links are missing or if you need assistance.
   We’ve also updated the website again.  This should make navigation of the site easier for our users and guests.  Also, we’ve fixed the issue with the WebChat not displaying on certain versions of Internet Explorer without compatibility mode being on.
    We really do value your feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
   We will also be making updates to the Services Web Interface v3 to serve our users, and making additional functionality to link the SWI v3 to the IRC4Fun website.  The Services Web Interface v3 will also gain new features — so be sure to stay tuned!
    Do you have IRC Operator experience?  We’re actively looking for responsible IRC Operators.  Please click here for additional information.
    Do you have Atheme IRC Services or IRC4Fun Services experience?  We’re actively looking for responsible Services Team Helpers, Operators and Administrators.  Please click here for additional information.
   Want to see more IRC4Fun Staff Openings?  Please click here for more information.
    And as always, thank you for being an IRC4Fun user!

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