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Articles from December 2013

Services Web Interface (3.0.7)

We’ve updated the IRC4Fun Services Web Interface again and added the much anticipated X: Settings console. We also added a “LISTLOGINS” feature which will allow you to see all IRC sessions currently auth’ed under your account. IRC4Fun now provides more features and abilities than most IRC network web interfaces —

Services Updates and Bug fixes

We’ve created a GitHub repo of IRC4Fun IRC Services (Atheme 7*) which will now show our latest updates to Services. We did update Services (v10.3.0) to fix bugs and implement functionality for the future — and have yet more planned! Noticeable Updates: X: INFO command will now show when a

New mIRC Tutorial for New Users!

We now have a mIRC Tutorial for New Users helping them instructionally and visually to setup their mIRC IRC (Internet Relay Chat) clients! Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

Updates to IRC4Fun Servers & IRC4Fun Services

IRC4Fun Servers have been updated once again, and we’re pleased to announce the following changes: MAXCHANNELS has been increased to 20 (You can now be in up to 20 channels at once) MAXBANS has been increased to 100 (You can now have up to 100 active bans in your channel) IRC4Fun

IRC4Fun Newsletter (vol 1) December 2013

IRC4Fun Monthly Newsletter (volume 1) December 2013   Newsletter Contents: Happy Holidays! IRC4Fun Newsletter Recommended Channels IRC4Fun Server Upgrades IRC4Fun Services Upgrades IRC4Fun Website Updates Reminders     Happy Holidays! IRC4Fun Staff would like to wish each and every one of it’s users Happy Holidays!  We know a lot of you will

We're at it again.. Updates to the webpage!

We’ve updated our Webpage to make our Home page a helpful static page with relevant information to our new users, and we’ve moved the News onto a page of it’s own for those of you who love to read through the archives (and years) of news! We’ve also added a