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IRC4Fun Newsletter (vol 1) December 2013

IRC4Fun Monthly Newsletter (volume 1) December 2013

  Newsletter Contents:

  Happy Holidays!
IRC4Fun Staff would like to wish each and every one of it’s users Happy Holidays!  We know a lot of you will be busy with the fun of the Holidays, but remember – anywhere you have an Internet connection; you can get on IRC4Fun and take a little break!  Bring your friends if they haven’t heard of us yet! 🙂  You can get a list of IRC clients by Operating System or Mobile device on our website.  Again though, we do hope everyone has a Amazing Holiday!
  IRC4Fun Newsletter
We would like to welcome our registered IRC4Fun users to our first issue of the IRC4Fun Newsletter.  This newsletter is intended to keep users up to date with the IRC4Fun network, services, and culture! Of course, users may unsubscribe at any time if they do not wish to receive them. (Why would you not want to stay up to date with your favorite IRC network?!)
  Recommended Channels
Finding a good Chat, Game or Topic channel of interest can be difficult just by examining the /LIST output.  Let us simplify the hard work of finding your new favorite Channel with offering our list of Recommended Channels!  It includes channels (categorized) from IRC4Fun and it’s Janus-linked networks TrivialityZone and 1AndAllIRC.  You can find channels geared towards Chat, Games, Help, Music, RPGs, Trivia, Quizes and more!  Users can Recommend their own Channels here.
  IRC4Fun Server Upgrades
IRC4Fun completed an upgrade of it’s IRC servers in November from InspIRCd 1.2* to InspIRCd 2.0*.  With this upgrade, we’ve gained new features, channel & user modes.  You can check out the Channel & User modes (new ones are indicated and explained) here.  All IRC4Fun client servers support SSL links and connections, and are linked together via SSL to better ensure privacy.  SSL Connections can be made directly to your favorite IRC4Fun server or via the SSL Round Robin port 6697.
  IRC4Fun Services Upgrades
We’ve made some upgrades to IRC4Fun Services, and laid the brickwork for future functionality.
We also added a new command in X called CLONE.  The CLONE command will allow users to copy all chanacs and metadata to a new channel.  Both channels must be registered with X; and you must be the Founder in the target channel for this command to work. (/msg X CLONE #SourceChannel #TargetChannel  or  /CS CLONE #SourceChannel #TargetChannel)
Also, X’s QUIET and UNQUIET commands have been fixed and quiet/unquiet the same masks now. 🙂
More new commands and functionality will follow, so be sure to stay tuned!
IRC4Fun Service Bot Host’s have changed.  All Official IRC4Fun Service Bot @Host’s are now @IRC4Fun.Services instead of  You may need to update your scripts to not ignore IRC4Fun Services if your script has flood protection exclusions. (e.g. X is now X!cservice@IRC4Fun.Services)
Did you know that the IRC4Fun Services Web Interface is still constantly being updated?  It currently offers more flexibility and ability to manage your Nicknames, Channels and Memos from the Web than most IRC networks!  Be sure to utilize it to help manage your channels and nickname settings or memos when you are on-the-go!
  IRC4Fun Website Updates
We’ve updated the IRC4Fun website to make it more modern and easy to use.  We’ve moved the News to it’s own section and removed a lot of obsolete or old pages/guides.  We’ve also built new Guides like our New Users guide and updated (merged) our Servers and Staff pages to a single Servers & Staff page, which is much more clean and helpful!  The Recommended Channels page is constantly being worked on with new ideas and new ways to help our users find the content they are looking for!
We’ll be updating more on the Website and our Services Web Interface, so be sure to keep checking back!  Be sure to check out the updated IRC4Fun webpage and like us on Facebook or stalk (follow) us on Twitter! 🙂
Nicknames expire after 90 days of not being used.  Channels expire after 30 days of not be used.
Always be cautious about giving out any personal information or meeting people online.
IRC4Fun Staff will never ask you for your password.  Never give out your password to anyone claiming to be IRC4Fun Staff.
Passwords should be hard to strong (contain letters, numbers and non-dictionary words) and should be different from other passwords you use online already.
If you need help on IRC: /join #Help  or Open a Support Ticket at:
Have a safe, fun chatting experience! 🙂

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