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IRC4Fun Newsletter (vol 2) January 2014

Welcome to the IRC4Fun Newsletter, volume 2!  We hope you had a very Merry Holiday and have a fantastic New Year!
IRC4Fun News:
We’ve been making more upgrades to our Network and Services to better serve our users.  We recently applied some patches and updates to IRC4Fun Services and updated some outdated Services help commands.  We’ve also added additional functionality to our Services Web Interface; giving our users more functionality over the World Wide Web to manage their Services accounts, channel access/ban lists & settings, as well as receive/send/forward memos!  (This makes managing your accounts and channels even easier and from ANYWHERE whether you can get on IRC or not)
We’ve also updated and added various Guides for New and Current IRC4Fun users on our website.  This will be helpful to users that are new to IRC, as well as current users to better understand IRC4Fun’s services and full features!
We also performed an update to IRC4Fun servers, increasing MAXCHANNELS to 20 (previously 12) – allowing you to /join up to 20 channels at once.  Also, MAXBANS has been increased to 100 (previously 60), allowing IRC4Fun channels to have up to 100 channel bans active at one time.  But, we didn’t stop there — we also modified X to allow up to 200 Channel Access/AKICK entries per channel.
Visit our News Archive for more IRC4Fun news and updates.
Channel Spotlight: #Trivia Chat Web Chat Launch SSL Channel Chat
This month, IRC4Fun would like to put #Trivia in the Spotlight!  #Trivia is (as you may have guessed) a Trivia Game channel, and is quite fascinating and addictive!  Be sure to check it out — you will not be disappointed!  You do not need to register with any bots or service(s) to play — just join and participate.  #Trivia is brought to IRC4Fun by TrivialityZone through the FunJanus network link.
Thinking of starting your own channel?
IRC4Fun is perfect for starting a channel on, and we’re happy to assist you with any questions or pointers.  If you prefer not to register with IRC4Fun Services or Channel Services (X), you can still easily manage your new channel with IRC4Fun’s ChanFix (W) service!  ChanFix (W) will keep track of who should be opped in your channel based on a scoring system of who has held Channel Operator status (ops) longest during the most recent two-week period.  When your channel becomes opless (you got disconnected and come back to your channel and your ghost is the only op until it disconnects, or in takeover situations [if reported]) W will join your channel and unset any restrictive modes allowing all members back inside where it will begin opping the 3 (up to 5) highest scoring ops.
If ChanFix (W) sounds too complicated; you are also welcome to register a Nickname with N (if you haven’t already) and then request to register your channel with Channel Services (X) to maintain access/ban lists, channel settings, topics, and more!  The Channel Registration process typically takes less than 24 hours, although it can take as long as 48 hours.  Please rest assured that IRC4Fun Services data is encrypted and will never be shared.  IRC4Fun Staff cannot see or retrieve your passwords due to the encryption; so it is important to provide a valid email address to start the new password generation process. (Should you ever lose your password)
Questions about Starting/Running a Channel, or IRC4Fun’s Services?  Please feel free to /join #Help  For ChanFix (W) Questions/Assistance: /join #ChanFix
Add a Link or IFRAME to your Channel on your Website(s), Facebook or Twitter!
Did you know that you can go to our WebChat and click the blue “Menu” button at the top-left of your screen and click “Add webchat to your site”.  You can assign automatically generated nicknames, or allow your guests to choose their own as well as what Channel(s) they should automatically join.  What better way to promote your Channel than to add it to your websites and social media?!  Feel free to /join #Help if you need assistance, or open a Support Ticket if you need help with adding webchat to your website.
Recommended Channels
If you would like to have your Channel added to the Recommended Channels list; please feel free to email siniStar @ with a description and category you feel best describes your channel.  If we don’t currently have the category you feel best describes your Channel; we may be able to create it.  Please don’t hesitate to ask!
IRC4Fun likes Social Media!
If you haven’t already done so; please take a moment to stalk us (follow) on Twitter and/or Like us on Facebook!  Be sure to tell your friends about us! 🙂  Doing so will help IRC4Fun and hopefully bring more of your friends on IRC4Fun (What could be better?!)
Staff Recruiting
IRC4Fun still has several Services Helper/Admin positions, as well as 2 Global IRC Operator positions open.  We’d prefer to fill the positions with IRC4Fun users — so if you think you may have the necessary experience for one of our Staff positions; please see our Staff Openings page.

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