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New N Features: AJOIN, CERT

We’ve enabled a new feature today in N that will allow users to maintain AJOIN (an “Auto Join” list) that they will automatically be joined to upon successful identification.  This will help users that do not have auto-join scripts such as WebChat, Mibbit and Kiwi IRC clients to maintain their auto-join list via N.  To add a channel to your N AJOIN (auto-join) list, type: /msg N AJOIN add #ChatZone. For more AJOIN commands: /msg N HELP AJOIN
Also, N has been updated to allow use of SSL Certificates to automatically identify (See CERT command).  This would require some advanced knowledge, but users that are already familiar with, and using SSL will find this new ability most gratifying. For more information: /msg N HELP CERT
Users may find the following guides helpful to Create their SSL Certificates and Identify to Services via CertFP.

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