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IRC4Fun Newsletter: Vol 3 February 2014


Welcome to the IRC4Fun Newsletter (volume 3) for February 2014!  We hope everyone had pleasant entrances into the new Year!  Don’t forget; Valentines Day <3 is approaching on February 14th!  We do hope everyone has a great, safe Valentines day 2014! 🙂
*Please Note: IRC4Fun’s main website is now
We’ve moved the website to a new host and decided while doing so to move the website to the more popular www. instead of web..  While we recommend any users with WebChat links or code on their websites to update the URLs from to their webchats should continue to work. (Although stability and performance will be increased by updating the URL)  For now, the web.* URL’s will continue to work.
IRC4Fun News (occurring in January 2014)

  • January 3rd, 2014: IRC4Fun Channels expiration in X increased to 45 days of non-use before expiration takes effect. (Previously 30)
  • January 7th, 2014: New N commands/functionality: AJOIN command and CERT command & functionality (identify automatically based on your created SSL certificate)
  • January 21st, 2014: Web Chat has been directed to connect via SSL (secure connections), and identify to services at connection functionality fixed.
  • January 25th, 2014: is test-linked.  It also will host the IRC4Fun website from now on via the url instead of
  • January 26th, 2014: Website is through testing and becomes active, web.* is redirected to www.* and website has a new design!
  • February 6th, 2014: We apologize for the recent splits and have re-routed the network to provide better stability.

February 5th, 2014: Network re-routed to improve stability – we apologize for all of the recent splits.
As many users probably noticed, stability recently has been lacking.  Therefor it was decided to re-route the servers on the network in an attempt to improve the stability, which was also achieved!  We thank you for your patience and hope you will enjoy the new less splitting IRC4Fun! 🙂
January 26, 2014: Website is through testing and becomes active, web.* is retired, and redirected to www.* and website has a new design!
As you probably noticed, the IRC4Fun website got a makeover as well as a new host!
We hope you will enjoy the NEW IRC4Fun website, but please be patient while we work on bugs that will pop up due to the move. All broken links are scanned and we are aware (and actively fixing them)
January 25th, 2014: is test-linked.  It also will host the IRC4Fun website from now on via the url instead of
We’re pleased to announce that is now test-linked to IRC4Fun, admin’d by siniStar.
This will give us additional redundancy and backup should one of the existing longtime servers ever be ever lost.
January 21st, 2014: WebChat Updates! (Connections are now made through SSL, Login to Services option has been fixed)
As of today, all users using the IRC4Fun WebChat (iris) will be connected to IRC4Fun via SSL (secure) connections.  This will better ensure new guests’ privacy as well as IRC4Fun users that prefer or have to use the WebChat at work or in public or non-secured networks.
We’ve also fixed the Login to Services option on the WebChat allowing users to enter their primary nickname and password (even if they are using a different nickname) and be automatically authenticated with N and host-cloaked as they connect before joining channels.  …Read More
January 7th, 2014: New N Features: AJOIN & CERT
We enabled a new command in N that will allow you to set a list of “AUTO JOIN” (AJOIN) channels.  For more information: /msg N HELP AJOIN
We also enabled a new feature that allows users connecting via SSL with a Certificate to identify to N automatically at connect.
January 3rd, 2014: Channels will now expire after non-use for 45 days
IRC4Fun Services were updated today to increase X‘s expiration of non-used channels to 45 days (previously 21)
Channel Spotlight: Chat Web Chat Launch SSL Channel Chat #TrivialityZone
(TZ/FunJanus)The General Network Chat channel for TrivialityZone. Home to good chat with a large group of nice people!  (A great place to make good, new friends)
IRC4Fun Live Stats (beta)
We’ve enabled MagIRC stats allowing users from the IRC4Fun website to view Live Stats about the network, servers, users, and channels that have requested to have stats published.  (Rest assured that the service only counts channel text but does not log conversations either public or private)  To request to have Stats in your channel; please see #Help — To view live IRC4Fun Stats:
IRC4Fun Services Team & IRC Operator Positions Still Open
We’re still looking for a Senior Services Administrator, Services Administrator & several IRC Operator positions still open.  Please see our Staff Openings page for more information and requirements.  If you know a friend that would also meet the requirements; please refer them to IRC4Fun and the Staff Openings page for more information.
Tell us how we’re doing, and if/how you think we can improve!
IRC4Fun is always interested in user input.  Please use our Support system to let us know how we’re doing, and if you think we can improve; how?  We thank you for being an IRC4Fun user!
Tell your Friends about IRC4Fun and get them chatting!
Don’t forget to tell your friends about — we have several webchats to choose from; however we recommend ours since it allows you to identify to services during connection, and is connected to an IRC4Fun server via SSL.  We have several New User guides in our Documents; so learning IRC is easy (especially via webchats) for new users!

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