Articles from May 2014

User and Staff vHosts updated

Did you notice the vHost changes today?  As of today, all User and Staff vhosts were updated. But what changed?  It looks the SAME?! Although yes, it was a small change; please notice that the new (default) vHosts do not include the .net.  UserABC’s new default vHost would now look

IRC4Fun Website Redesign

Regular users will no doubt have noticed; we’ve updated the IRC4Fun website design again!  We feel that this design is much more visually appealing and also reflects us best.   Please let us know if you encounter any bugs or issues with the new design.

#KickWarz Game Channel

Have you ever been bored on IRC? Need to take some aggression out? Well Turner from FlumpIRC has come up with the concept of a Kick Warz Game; where users join #KickWarz and are automatically given ops. The point of the game is to kick users and build a high