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User and Staff vHosts updated

Did you notice the vHost changes today?  As of today, all User and Staff vhosts were updated.
But what changed?  It looks the SAME?!
Although yes, it was a small change; please notice that the new (default) vHosts do not include the .net.  UserABC’s new default vHost would now look like UserABC!user@UserABC.users.IRC4Fun whereas previously it would look like: UserABC!
Why the change?
It’s more modern, honestly.  If you do not like the new default vHosts; you are always welcome to request a customized vHost from V.  You can either request your actual that you are able to prove ownership of; or You.Likes.Pie (anything you would like, so long as it’s not in violation of the IRC4Fun AUP or Services Guidelines
Users requesting an actual that they own, should first place a IRC4Fun.txt or IRC4Fun.html page that shows they are indeed the user and own the domain, prior to requesting it.  (The document need not be public so long as it is accessible at or and confirms your ownership of said domain)

To request your own vHost; type /msg V REQUEST Your.Requested.vHost.Here

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