Articles from June 2014

IRC4Fun Website Updated (again)

As you have no doubt noticed, we have updated the IRC4Fun website again. You may be thinking to yourself “Wait, wasn’t there a lot more content before?”¬† We decided to remove some of the content that was available in multiple places (sometimes going outdated because the content was in so

IRC4Fun Service Bot changes..

Today IRC4Fun changed the nicknames of all IRC4Fun Service Bots to their respective (traditional) purposes.. N is now known as NickServ, X as ChanServ, and etc. Please make sure if you are using any scripts or auto-performs that are messaging N or other service bots that you update them to use

Services & IRC Server Upgrades

If you were paying attention to your IRC client this evening; you may have started to wonder “What is going on?!” with Services disappearing for a few moments before returning, and then the notices about each server being updated; followed by a disconnection and netsplit.. We apologize for the inconvenience,