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Services & IRC Server Upgrades

If you were paying attention to your IRC client this evening; you may have started to wonder “What is going on?!” with Services disappearing for a few moments before returning, and then the notices about each server being updated; followed by a disconnection and netsplit..
We apologize for the inconvenience, but are pleased to announce the following updates! (effective today)
Services Updates / New Features:

  1. You can now choose a custom bot to sit in your channel (instead of X) by using B (Bot Services).  For more information type: /msg B botlist
  2. ChanFix (previously known as W) is now known as CC will continue to function as normal and is using the same (up to date) database that W was using.
  3. The Services Web Interface has been updated (mainly a few small bug fixes introduced when IRC4Fun URLs changed)

IRC Server Updates

  1. Upgraded to the latest version of UnrealIRCd
  2. Server to server links now use latest TLS (eg: v1.2) instead of SSLv3
  3. Channel Banlists have been returned to 100 (max) bans active at a time.

If you need support, have questions or are encountering issues; please click here to join #IRC4Fun.

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