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IRC4Fun Website Updated (again)

As you have no doubt noticed, we have updated the IRC4Fun website again.
You may be thinking to yourself “Wait, wasn’t there a lot more content before?”  We decided to remove some of the content that was available in multiple places (sometimes going outdated because the content was in so many different places) and merge/combine the content where we were best able to in order to ensure content is updated as it changes and that users are not distracted by so many redundant things.
We’ve also added more focus for users to utilize the KiwiIRC WebChat, as it is more secure (SSL-wise)  However; we do recommend changing your webchat links or embeds on your websites to the KiwiIRC WebChat link.  All you need to do is update the URL in your links/iframes to:   (If you need assistance with this; please join #IRC4Fun)
“Why the sudden forced change to KiwiIRC’s webchat?!” Being that we recommend users connect via SSL to secure their sessions; we are unable to provide SSL via the Iris WebChat webpage.  Therefor, we really recommend using KiwiIRC’s Webchat client, as it is secured with SSL on the webpage as well as able to connect to IRC via SSL.
“Why not Mibbit?!”  Mibbit’s interface is less than visually pleasant, and presents advertisements.  KiwiIRC (at this time) does not have the advertisements; and it’s interface is much more visually appealing.  You may still connect to IRC4Fun via Mibbit if you prefer to do so.
UPDATE 07/07/2016: The iris webchat has been removed from our webchat resources and IRC4Fun.  We recommend connecting via Kiwi IRC or Mibbit.

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