Articles from July 2014

SWI (Services Web Interface) is released (public)

Today IRC4Fun has released it’s SWI (Services Web Interface) to the public for IRC Networks running Atheme IRC Services.  Previously, the SWI was only available for use on the IRC4Fun network; but we’ve decided to release it publicly today.  SWI is a fork of EGs with bug fixes, cosmetic updates,

BotServ console added to the Services Web Interface (v3)

Our Services Web Interface (v3) allows users to manage their Nicknames (and settings), Channels (access, akicks & settings), Memos (read,send,forward) as well as their HostServ vHosts/cloaks. Get ready for MORE!  siniStar is coding a BotServ console into the SWI3, which is already in the beta-testing phase.  (Soon you will be able