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BotServ console added to the Services Web Interface (v3)

Our Services Web Interface (v3) allows users to manage their Nicknames (and settings), Channels (access, akicks & settings), Memos (read,send,forward) as well as their HostServ vHosts/cloaks.
Get ready for MORE!  siniStar is coding a BotServ console into the SWI3, which is already in the beta-testing phase.  (Soon you will be able to manage which bots [if any] you would like assigned to your registered channels!)  While this new console is in the beta-testing phase; it will not be available until it has been proven stable.  The new BotServ console to the SWI3 should be available to users on August 1st, 2014. (It is already available!)
Are you thinking of a feature that the Services Web Interface does not have, but you would like to see added?  Please feel free to stop into #IRC4Fun and suggest any new features or functionality that you would like to see.  We’re always thinking of ways to improve the IRC4Fun user experience!
UPDATE (07/02/2014 @ 5:47PM) The new BotServ console is now active within the Services Web Interface for all users.

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