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IRC4Fun migrates to Charybdis ircd

Today the IRC4Fun network was migrated to Charybdis ircd from UnrealIRCd.

What does this mean for IRC4Fun Users?

The Channel & User modes have changed.  Some have been added, changed, or removed.  Charybdis is known to be stable and reliable, and we are confident this change will allow us to better serve our users and optimize their IRC experiences.  We have updated the Channel & User modes Guide to reflect the changes as of today.

Where did the Channel Owner and Channel Admin modes (+q/+a aka ~/&) go?!

These “vanity” channel modes are no longer supported.  Charybdis supports voices and operators (+v/+o aka +/@)  This does not mean you have any less access than you did previously; Charybdis just does not have all those feature-bloat modes.

I need to ask a question or get Help!

Please open a Support Ticket or /join #IRC4Fun

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