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Where has gone?!

On Monday, (September 8th) around 7:15pm Gaga.* unexpectedly split from the network and became unresponsive.

What happened?!  I couldn’t connect for an hour!

It turns out that the datacenter hosting that server, changed their policies to disallow IRC.  Gaga.* will be relocated on a new server soon.  There was a period where users using or could not connect to IRC4Fun until the DNS was updated. (About an hour)  Please note that you can always visit the IRC4Fun website at to find alternative servers.

When will Gaga.* return?

We’re hoping the server will be back in operation later today – but we’ll provide an announcement when it’s back up and connected.

UPDATE 9/16/2014: Gaga.* retires.

We’re sad to reveal that has retired as the server was not able to be ran on the new host due to compatibility issues.  IRC4Fun will now consist of and  Gaga.* will be missed as it provided stable service for nearly 7 years!  Of course you can still use to be routed to one of the above servers.

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