Articles from April 2015

Services updates & changes

Client vHosts/Cloaks were changed today (or rather slightly reversed) Users may have noticed today that their vHosts/Cloaks were changed from AccountName.users.IRC4Fun to IRC4Fun.users.AccountName.  Users can still REQUEST a custom vHost/Cloak if they would like to, through HostServ. vHosts/Cloaks are no longer automatically applied by NickServ at Registration NickServ will no

IRC4Fun forks Atheme to create Xtheme IRC Services

With the upcoming end of the development on Atheme IRC Services, IRC4Fun has decided to fork the project and continue to keep it alive.  IRC4Fun has already re-branded our Services to Xtheme and are happy to report that Xtheme is also 100% compatible with our (Services Web Interface)! We hope