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Services updates & changes

Client vHosts/Cloaks were changed today (or rather slightly reversed)
Users may have noticed today that their vHosts/Cloaks were changed from AccountName.users.IRC4Fun to IRC4Fun.users.AccountName.  Users can still REQUEST a custom vHost/Cloak if they would like to, through HostServ.
vHosts/Cloaks are no longer automatically applied by NickServ at Registration
NickServ will no longer automatically assign the IRC4Fun.users.Accountname vHost/Cloak at registration going forward.  Users can still get the vHost/Cloak at any time by using the HostServ TAKE command or by logging into the Services Web Interface and using the HostServ section.
What is with all of the Services updates?  It feels like Services gets restarted daily!
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we like to ensure that we’re running the latest (most current) version of Xtheme IRC Services which is developed in-house.  Whenever there is a considerable Xtheme update, IRC4Fun’s services will be updated accordingly and with consideration on how to be least disruptive to our users. (Usually updates are performed at times that the network is quiet)  The Xtheme Development Group is also looking for more ideas and contributors.  Please feel free to inquire in #Xtheme

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