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IRC4Fun migrates back to InspIRCd

This evening IRC4Fun completed a migration of it’s IRC Servers from the charybdis ircd software back to InspIRCd2 ircd software.
If you were online during the migration, you no doubt noticed some splits and irregularities. We’re happy to announce that the migration and instability is now over!

Why did IRC4Fun change from Charybdis to InspIRCd?

Since the Atheme Group has decided to end development on all of their projects (Charybdis IRCd included), we wanted to migrate to another ircd software that we knew could better suit our users needs in the future while also allowing us to keep up to date on ircv3 implementations.
We plan to update the documents and guides for User & Channel modes tomorrow evening.

Thanks for being a loyal IRC4Fun user!

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