Articles from October 2015

Netsplits and temporary applause.* instability

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the netsplits and instability of this morning.  The host for applause.* was under a HUGE DDoS attack for hours, which caused the instability. We’ve worked with the host to ensure that the stability issues are resolved.  We appreciate your patience

applause.* perm-links (to take over for inspire.*)

Today, was activated and linked.  It is hosted in Montreal, Canada (CA) and is much more stable than inspire.*, which it is replacing. DNS for inspire.* has been redirected to the new applause.* and once inspire.* is free of any client connections, it will be retired. (For the record, inspire.*

Happy 8th Birthday, IRC4Fun!

We would like to take the moment to thank all IRC4Fun users for their loyalty.  As of today, IRC4Fun is now 8 years old! Thank You to ALL of our loyal IRC4Fun clients!  We’d be a boring network without you! 🙂   Here’s a flashback to some old IRC4Fun logos: