Articles from July 2016

More website updates!

IRC4Fun Website News

We updated the IRC4Fun website again today and fixed a lot of cosmetics — we also updated the IRC Clients Guide. We hope these updates will improve the website experience for our users as well as help them find the IRC client that will work best for their setup.

BotServ Bots – SAYCALLER feature added

IRC4Fun Services

We’re excited to announce another new feature for our users from the Xtheme Group — BotServ SET SAYCALLER This new setting will allow channels with a BotServ bot to set SAYCALLER on the channel through BotServ and will add the calling user’s nickname to the SAY or ACT commands when

How can I add a Web Chat to my website?

Did you know that you can add a direct link to your IRC4Fun channel on your website? You can add a link to your website that will take your users to the Kiwi IRC webchat for your channel — and it is super simple! If you want to add a

Website content updated

IRC4Fun Website News

We updated a lot of the IRC4Fun website today in an effort to make finding relevant content easier and removing outdated content. We also updated the Services Guides to point to the Xtheme IRC Services wiki    in relation to each service bot, its commands and abilities. Finally, some older documentation