Articles from August 2016

IRC Client Servers upgraded

IRC4Fun Server Update

What was going on?  There were netsplits and I even got disconnected for a short period of seconds?! We apologize and appreciate your patience.  We were upgrading our IRC client servers to the latest version of InspIRCd (2.0.22) which resulted in servers being restarted and any surprise issues corrected, as

FunJanus has retired and is replaced by PyLink

We are somewhat thrilled and saddened at the same time to announce that FunJanus has retired as of today.  We are linked via Overdrive-IRC‘s PyLink instance (which is a modern replacement for Janus with additional features and is actively developed) The FunJanus had way too many bugs (which were only

Did you know IRC4Fun participates in MultiRPG?

IRC4Fun participates in a game across many networks where the goal is to stay idle in the channel, avoid disconnects and more to gain levels! Idle-RPG is really a neat game, as you score for simply idling in the channel — but MultiRPG offers much more!  Playing is super-easy: join