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Articles from September 2016

Users can now register on the IRC4Fun website!

IRC4Fun Website News

We’re pleased to announce that users can now register on the IRC4Fun website so that they can post comments in response to posts, etc. There are some rules to registering for the website, and all attempted registrations must be approved (following the below conditions):    You must be at least 13 years

New Services Command with Options: MASS

IRC4Fun Services

We’re excited to announce a new command available to our users, from the Xtheme Group, called ChanServ MASS. MASS allows users with +r (and applicable flags) to either MASS VOICE, MASS HALFOP, or even MASS OP a channel. Syntax: /CS MASS #MyChannel OPTION   –or–   /CS HELP MASS If you have

New Server in Netherlands (EU) in testlink

We’re pleased to announce another server has been linked to IRC4Fun in Netherlands (EU) by tabb! ( We look forward to providing a better range of service to our clients.  Thanks tabb!

Welcome back, tabb and

Welcome back, tabb! tabb was an administrator of several servers back in 2010 and has relinked with a new server We hope everyone will welcome tabb back to IRC4Fun – he’s freaking awesome 🙂

What was going on with Services last night?!

IRC4Fun Services

As you might have noticed, Services restarted a few times tonight (which is out of the norm for us), but we were updating Services and adding behind the scenes functionality to further improve your experience on IRC4Fun. Most of the updates are not noticeable to clients, at least at this

Upgrades: IRC4Fun Servers upgraded

IRC4Fun Server Update

We apologize for the inconvenience, but IRC4Fun client servers will be undergoing an upgrade again today (InspIRCd-2.0.23) to fix a security vulnerability.  (The vulnerability has yet to be exploited on IRC4Fun, but upgrades will be completed within the next few minutes) During the upgrade, there will be disconnections and netsplits.