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Upgrades: IRC4Fun Servers upgraded

IRC4Fun Server Update

We apologize for the inconvenience, but IRC4Fun client servers will be undergoing an upgrade again today (InspIRCd-2.0.23) to fix a security vulnerability.  (The vulnerability has yet to be exploited on IRC4Fun, but upgrades will be completed within the next few minutes)
During the upgrade, there will be disconnections and netsplits.  The disconnections should last (at most) 5 minutes while some other network maintenance is performed during the upgrade.
This will also result in SSL Certificate changes for IRC4Fun servers – if you use a IRC Client that questions or makes you accept SSL certificates, you may need to update those in your client as you connect (such as ZNC, etc)  Otherwise your client will end up connect-flood looping.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but are doing this upgrade for your security.  Please seek #IRC4Fun for any questions or concerns before or after the upgrade.
And as always, thank you for being a loyal IRC4Fun user!   

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