Articles from October 2016

IRC4Fun is proud to announce United IRC Networks (UIN)

IRC4Fun is proud to announce it’s latest project: United IRC Networks (UIN) United IRC Networks is powered by PyLink.  It never occured to us to setup our own instance until drama and circuses ensued with our previously linked PyLink instance, and we were told specifically to create our own.  Upon

New Server in Singapore:

We’re excited to announce another new IRC Server for our clients, hosted out of Singapore – administered by tabb called We’re always looking for ways to increase our international coverage and provide better services for our clients.  We hope this new addition (in addition to the rest of the new IRC4Fun Servers

IRC4Fun website relocated & Channels Listings

IRC4Fun Website News

The IRC4Fun website has been relocated to a new, faster host In an effort to provide better and faster service via the World Wide Web for our users, we have relocated the IRC4Fun website to a new host.  You should be able to notice a speed difference immediately. This however

New Canadian Server:

We’re excited to announce a new server for IRC4Fun, coming from Quebec Canada ( administered by siniStar! Rumors are, we’re also about to have a server in Japan..  We look forward to providing better service for our clients! 🙂

muse.* scheduled maintenance 10/24/2016

IRC4Fun Server Update

On Monday, October 24th, 2016 muse.* will be undergoing some much-needed maintenance. During this maintenance window (11AM-1PM CST) muse.* will be off-line and traffic to muse will be diverted to other servers.  During this time, there is also the potential for netsplits.  We will try to work those out as

New BotServ Bot: o_o

IRC4Fun Services

We’re excited to announce another BotServ bot, o_o. Users can now choose to have o_o assigned to their Channels instead of ChanServ or the currently assigned BotServ bot. To get a list of BotServ bots available to assign to your channel (only one can be assigned at a time) type:

IRC4Fun celebrates it's 9th Birthday!

We’re excited to announce that IRC4Fun will celebrate it’s 9th Birthday this month on the 20th! We thank all of our loyal IRC4Fun users and staff and hope for many, many more happy years of operation!