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muse.* scheduled maintenance 10/24/2016

IRC4Fun Server Update

On Monday, October 24th, 2016 muse.* will be undergoing some much-needed maintenance.

During this maintenance window (11AM-1PM CST) muse.* will be off-line and traffic to muse will be diverted to other servers.  During this time, there is also the potential for netsplits.  We will try to work those out as best we can (so that they affect users less), but still be advised of the potential.  Any users connected to when the maintenance begins will be disconnected and should reconnect to to be relocated to another server.
The maintenance window is subject to change – it may be completed sooner than expected and may become operational again quicker than expected, or potentially offline longer than expected if issues are encountered during the maintenance.
We appreciate your patience, as always!  Please remember to see #IRC4Fun if you need assistance for any reason.

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