IRC4Fun is proud to announce United IRC Networks (UIN)

IRC4Fun is proud to announce it’s latest project: United IRC Networks (UIN)

United IRC Networks is powered by PyLink.  It never occured to us to setup our own instance until drama and circuses ensued with our previously linked PyLink instance, and we were told specifically to create our own.  Upon doing so, many networks that were previously linked to us (and one that was not) have interest in rejoining our PyLink collective, appropriately named United IRC Networks or UIN for short.  We have setup a webpage for United IRC Networks (UIN) as well as clear management, voting procedures, and policies for linked networks to ensure quality for our users and users of United IRC Networks!

Who owns or runs United IRC Networks?

United IRC Networks (UIN) has a team of 3 administrative members.  gd, siniStar & tabb.  gd is not affiliated with IRC4Fun but does have a network (cspgr / linked with United IRC Networks (UIN).  So while IRC4Fun does donate the resources, it is effectively managed by 3 admins and a following of linked network admins.

Where can I get more information about United IRC Networks (UIN)?

You can get more information about United IRC Networks (UIN) at
The policies/rules for United IRC Networks (UIN) is available at:
You can apply for a network link if your network has a similar vision by filling out the application at:

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