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Articles from November 2016

SSL Certificates on applause.*, illusion.* and muse.* updated


We’ve updated the SSL certificates on, and to use valid recognized SSL certificates by LetsEncrypt. This is currently in beta and will hopefully continue to go as planned (as far as the automated updating of the certificates every 90 days, the servers recognizing a change and updating

Channels Directory Updated

IRC4Fun Channels

We’ve made some rather big updates to our Channel Directory listings (now powered by a Database and System) Previously, our Channel Lists were manually created and seemed to go out of date or need updates frequently which was not necessarily an easy or fun task.  Now we have a Channel

Happy Thanksgiving!

IRC4Fun would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We’re very thankful for our loyal users, guests, staff (admins, opers, all volunteers) We hope you have a great day, and as always – thank you for being an IRC4Fun user or guest! 🙂

IRC4Fun website re-designed

IRC4Fun Website News

We’re excited to announce that the IRC4Fun website has been redesigned in order to present our users with a more modern website and more interactivity! The content and locations to content have not changed.  (New content has been added!) We hope you’ll enjoy our new website design as much as

New Channel Modes: +U and extban +u:

IRC4Fun Server Update

We’re pleased to announce that there is a new channel mode available on IRC4Fun for those who wish to use it, or may need to due to flood or spam.  (+U channel mode, +b u:*!* extban) Channel Mode +U will put the channel into Op Moderation mode, where all messages