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Channels Directory Updated

IRC4Fun Channels

We’ve made some rather big updates to our Channel Directory listings (now powered by a Database and System)

Previously, our Channel Lists were manually created and seemed to go out of date or need updates frequently which was not necessarily an easy or fun task.  Now we have a Channel Directory System in place that allows us to better sort channels by Category and update them accordingly, as well show in multiple places. (Such as different pages, or even if you want to embed a category of them on your website!)
We’ve added all previously listed channels and updated them accordingly.  You will notice a (net) name next to the Channel name which indicates from which network (IRC4Fun or a United Linked IRC network) the channel is housed or belongs to (network-wise)
While we’ve added the previously listed channels, we’re sure that there are other channels out there that did not know they could be listed as well.

If you would like to have your Channel listed as well or updated:

Simply open a Support Ticket with a general description of your channel, a preferred category, where the channel exists (IRC4Fun or on a UIN linked network) and you can even attach a 150×150 icon (must be 2MB or less) in the Support Ticket for it to be added to your channel’s listing in the directory.

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