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Articles from December 2016

Reaching your MemoServ memo limit?

IRC4Fun Services

IRC4Fun Services were updated this morning, and with the update comes a new feature. Instead of just continuing to automatically block new Memos with the standard informing notices that they have unread Memos, users with full MemoServ inboxes will now be informed not only of having memos when they identify

IRC4Fun Services: Changes to Nickname and Channel Expirations

We’ve updated IRC4Fun’s Services to better enforce the current expiration guidelines set in place and purge a lot of old (un-used) accounts. Nicknames will now expire if now used every 3 months (or 90 days) Channels will now be considered “Abandoned“ and up for grabs by other users if a

IRC4Fun Client & Guest Survey

IRC4Fun Client & Guest Survey

In an effort to better see where IRC4Fun stands with it’s users and guests, we’ve added a new [af_link id=”4339″ target=”_blank”]IRC4Fun Survey[/af_link] to the IRC4Fun website. This survey is completely optional, but we do hope that our users and guests will take the survey so that we can better gauge

Services Email Outage

We regret to inform users that IRC4Fun Services encountered an email outage on December 13th, 2016.  The issue affecting the email being sent has since been corrected and all registrations that day (where the verification email could not be sent) were verified by force by IRC4Fun Staff.   We appreciate your

Another new Server (nyan.*) in France!

We’re excited to announce another new IRC4Fun Server, located in France –, administered by Tiddles. Welcome to the admin team, Tiddles, and thanks for providing more international coverage for our IRC4Fun clients!

Muse.* due to retire 12/24 or 12/25 (2016)

Server Delinked

We’re sad to see go, but it is being replaced by the new which went online last night.  Muse.* will retire on 12/25/2016 and will disconnect on or around (if not the night before) that date. returns in new form!

We’re pleased to announce that has been relinked to IRC4Fun under siniStar’s administration.  It is located in Quebec, Canada. It will be replacing muse.*, due to be retired in the very near future.

Channel Stats (live) are now available for select channels

We’re excited to announce that [af_link id=”4289″]IRC4Fun Channel Stats[/af_link] are now available for some of our Chat channels! The Channel Stats of each selected channel will be updated in 5 minute intervals. Check out [af_link id=”4288″ target=”_blank”]#IRC4Fun Stats[/af_link]’s Channel Stats for example. Feel free to step over to [af_link id=”4289″]IRC4Fun