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IRC4Fun Services: Changes to Nickname and Channel Expirations

We’ve updated IRC4Fun’s Services to better enforce the current expiration guidelines set in place and purge a lot of old (un-used) accounts.

  • Nicknames will now expire if now used every 3 months (or 90 days)
  • Channels will now be considered Abandoned and up for grabs by other users if a Founder’s nickname expires or is dropped.  (This is indicated by a Founder being ‘AbandonedChannel‘ in /msg ChanServ INFO #ChannelThe channel can now be requested by anyone on the flags or access list within 2 weeks of the channel being considered Abandoned.  After 2 weeks, any user can request the channel.  Once a request for a channel has been made; the topic on said channel will be changed indicating that ‘UserA’ has requested the channel.  Any objections or support comments should be made in #IRC4Fun to Staff.  After 2 days; if there are no legit objections, the channel will be given to the requesting user.
  • Channels with no activity by any of the users on the access list will expire at 120 days.
  • Abandoned Channels that have been abandoned for a year or more and not requested by another user will be purged at regular basis.

For asking for these “abandoned channels“, please ask in #IRC4Fun.

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