Need Help?

   We’ve had a lot of new clients on IRC4Fun recently (some completely new to IRC) and wanted to let you know:

  1. We’re here for you.  If you need help/support, you can ask in #IRC4Fun or open a [af_link id=”4262″ target=”_blank”]IRC4Fun HelpDesk[/af_link] (that is usually responded to within 24 hours if not less)
  2. We also have created a [af_link id=”4258″]New Users Guide[/af_link] for those that are new to IRC or IRC4Fun, which is available [af_link id=”4258″]here[/af_link].
  3. We also have a Knowledge Base within our [af_link id=”4262″]HelpDesk system[/af_link] where you can browse and search for helpful topics, or open a Support Ticket.
  4. We’ve also created a bunch of helpful Guides in our Documents section which often cover the most commonly asked questions and concerns.

   We’ll also add more Frequently Asked Questions as they reach popularity – Please know that IRC4Fun Staff and even users are here to help!

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