Articles from March 2017

Services Expirations & Cloaks/vHosts

We’ve made some changes to IRC4Fun Services as well as policy changes on Cloaks/vHosts In an effort to improve the experience for all IRC4Fun users and guests, we’ve made some changes (effective today) to Services Expirations and Cloaks/vHosts guidelines. Services Expirations Nicknames will now expire after 1 year of no and now IPv6 compatible!

IRC4Fun Server Update

We’re pleased to announce that illusion.* and Gaga.* are now both IPv6 compatible! We’re excited to announce that and are now both ready for IPv6 clients!  This expands our IPv6 offerings amongst servers to better serve our growing client base. We hope you will enjoy being able to

IPv6 updates coming this week!

IRC4Fun Server Update

Gaga.* and illusion.* will be IPv6 compatible sometime this week! We’re excited to announce that sometime this coming week, and will be undergoing an IPv6 update this week which will enable IPv6 on both servers.

Automatically applied Cloaks have been improved!

IRC4Fun Server Update

Automatically applied Cloaks by IRC4Fun Client Servers have been updated.  Now users are given a full Cloak upon connection! We’ve updated our Client Servers to apply a full cloak to our users and guests upon connection, giving our users and guests much more security and protection when using the IRC4Fun

Server and Staff Update

Server Delinked

There have been some recent updates on IRC4Fun We wanted to inform our users and guests that effective this evening, has been delinked. We also wanted to inform users and guests that effective this evening the staff list has been updated as well. Thanks, as always, for being a

Website Updates: IRC Clients Guide update

IRC4Fun Website News

We’ve updated the IRC Clients Guide Today we updated the IRC Clients Guide on the IRC4Fun website to include AdiIRC (for Windows) If you have any updates for the IRC Clients Guide or would like to suggest a Client be added, please contact us with more information about the Client &