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Automatically applied Cloaks have been improved!

IRC4Fun Server Update

Automatically applied Cloaks by IRC4Fun Client Servers have been updated.  Now users are given a full Cloak upon connection!

We’ve updated our Client Servers to apply a full cloak to our users and guests upon connection, giving our users and guests much more security and protection when using the IRC4Fun IRC network.

Q: Why change the server-applied cloaks?  Now I cannot tell if GuestXYZ is actually GuestXYZ or not?!

A: The change was applied to completely hide the host/IP of our users and guests.  This helps to ensure that a troublemaker or otherwise undesirable person is unable to de-cloak you using methods that have been shared online about vulnerable or less secure (in this area) ircd-software.  If you are unsure of whether a user is who they say they are or not, you can type: /WHOIS GuestXYZ
If the user is logged in (identified to Services), you will see:

GuestXYZ [GuestXYZ!someone@IRC4Fun-5tg.eW8.Yn2Clu.IP] * GuestXYZ
Channels: +#irc4fun +#chat
Connected to server: (Canada) i live for the applause, applause, applause..
Logged in as GuestXYZ

If the user is not logged in (not identified to Services), you will see:

GuestXYZ [GuestXYZ!someone@IRC4Fun-5tg.eW8.Yn2Clu.IP] * GuestXYZ
Channels: #irc4fun +#chat
Connected to server: (Canada) i live for the applause, applause, applause..

If a user is not registered with IRC4Fun Services or prefers not to register or identify, the verification of that user is not possible.

Q: So I am completely protected from another user finding out my IP/host or location?

A: IRC4Fun Staff can see through the cloak.  Users are protected on IRC from divulging this information, however, there are other social engineering ways to get this information.  (Such as if someone posts a link on IRC and you click it, it will show your REAL IP to the poster — which is why we remind you to never click on links from users or guests that you do not trust!)  Your real IP/host can also be revealed to users if you unset user-mode x. (Usermode +x is set by default unless a client unset’s it.)  It could also be revealed if you perform a /WHOIS on yourself and then paste it to another user.  Some users pay for their own bouncer or ZNC to protect their IP/host, however they too are able to be tricked into clicking a link and then exposing their real IP/host.

Q: I heard that I can still be de-cloaked..  Should I be nervous?

A: You may be thinking of articles based on some ratbox-family ircds, specifically Charybdis 3.5 or ircd-seven.  You do not have to worry about that with our cloaks unless you decide to uncloak/de-cloak yourself.  (If at any time you decide to uncloak/de-cloak yourself, it will remain available for others to see in commands like /WHOWAS for some time.)  It is not recommended to uncloak/de-cloak yourself, ever.
If you are still nervous, you can take the offered cloak from HostServ (IRC4Fun.users.$account = IRC4Fun.users.GuestXYZ) or request a unique cloak.  For more information, please see /msg HostServ TAKE IRC4Fun.users.$account or /msg HostServ REQUEST

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